Become a 747 live agent and start earning the best commissions

Becoming a 747 live agent gives you access to an advanced affiliate platform that allows you to generate unlimited traffic by using your personal affiliate link. Share your link on social media, forums and blogs, and start making money immediately. We are currently accepting new agents so get set up today!

Be your own boss, control your work-life balance and make money online by promoting 747 live casino. As our agent, you can earn commissions from active and inactive members from all over the world. Create a personal affiliate link and use it to promote us!. We are here with you to help you take your career to the next level.

  • Work is completely safe

    Our platform has a secure system gatekeeper, so you don't have to worry about any data leakage during the transaction.

  • Up to 35% commission

    In our affiliate program, you only need to promote more players to join us, and you can receive up to 35% commission.

  • 747live has a good reputation

    Because of its variety of games and rich promotions, 747live has a very high-quality reputation and can guarantee the income of agents.

  • Professional agency team

    We have a team of professionals at your service, if you have any questions, you can immediately ask our team.

How to become an agent at 747 live?

Enjoy the opportunity to earn commission on all your referrals' first deposits! You can earn significant income in the 747 live agent program. Simply refer your friends and invite them to our casino site with great odds. When they make their first deposit, you earn commission on top of it! Sign up as an agent today:

Step 1. Click Register

Click Agent Registration above

Step 2. Fill in the information

Fill in all the required personal data

Step 3. Wait for certification

Next, our team certifies.

Step 4. Start promoting

Once our team is certified, you can start promoting immediately, enter your affiliate platform, and use your personal link to promote and earn commissions.

Contact our friendly customer service teams 24/7

  • ANR:

    Agent Net Revenue. It is calculated as: Calculated Commission / Commission Plan * 100. For example, the calculated commission is 100000, the commission plan is 35%; the ANR is 100000/35 * 100 = 285714. This is ideally the net revenue developed by this agent to accrue the given commission. This should not be confused with the NGR which, itself, does not consider the commission rewarded to the sub-agents.

  • Active player:

    One player is considered active when he has at least:
    4 sportsbook bets OR 50 casino bets per week
    3500 PHP deposits and wagering >= 1 per week

Upgrade your agent level

All of our agent will benefit steady growth with our upgraded affiliate program, which is designed to provide our capable agents with a new incentive that allows you to become a top agent.

  • Upgrading Agent -> Area Manager

    Monthly network requirements as listed below:
    180 active players
    6M turnover or
    600,000 deposit and 7x wagering

  • Upgrading Area Manager -> City Manager

    Monthly network requirements as listed below:
    2,000 active players
    60M turnover or
    6M deposit and 7x wagering

  • Upgrading City Manager -> Regional Manager

    Monthly network requirement as listed below:
    8000 active players
    240M turnover or
    24M deposit and 7x wagering
    Minimum cash out 50,000 PHP
    Settlements to/from admin in USDT/PHPT

Become an agent with 747 live and earn high commissions

You don’t need to be an expert to become our agent as everything is automated and there are no hidden fees, minimum payouts or any other strings attached. From now on, all you have to do is sit back and collect your passive income.